Hello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting GSO online training course page !

We are happy and excited to start our online training courses for students and professionals. Though any one can enroll for the courses. The mode of training would be online like through Skype, Zoom, Jio Meet etc depends on the individual comfort level.

Now you can learn new skills everyday. Courses will be designed and customized as per need in today’s market. Every course on GSO will be taught by top instructors from companies, so you can learn something new anytime, anywhere. Every course can be customized as per individual need. Don’t worry ! Our courses will be free or affordable.

We are trying to built the community of professionals, social workers who can help people to learn, grow, and earn. For that, we are trying to connect with best mentors, trainers, consultants, partners who can deliver best knowledge online.

Course Highlights :

*100% online

*Learn something new in 4-6 weeks

*Affordable price ( sometimes free )

*Earn Course Certificate

Some of the popular courses in demand would be :

*Digital Marketing

*Excel and PowerPoint

*Getting started with Python (Python for Everybody)

*Business Foundation

*English learning from basic to expert level

*Foreign languages( German, Japanese, French, Spanish etc)

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